Elizabeth OminasEdit

Elizabeth Ominas (born 1745) is the mother of Queen Regent Ruvelia and wife of former Duke of Gallione Hans Larg. She has been considereted the "Mother of Power" in Ivalice, due to their child and grandchild powerful positions.

Early LifeEdit

Elizabeth was born in the Ominas Noble Family, to Sonya Ominas and Humphrey Rugner both of noble families. Elizabeth's grandmother, Cecylia Ominas, was the Countess of Lyre, and her grandfather the Captain of the Royal Guard.


Elizabeth first meet Hans when she was 12 years old, at the annual Lesalia's Festival, where common people and nobles didn't had distinction. They barely talked that day, but the charm, chivalerism and charisma of Hans would be marked in Elizabeth for her whole life.

  • Duke Hans Larg (b.1743) (m.1762)
    • Duke Bestrada Larg (b.1763) (di.1805)
    • Kyle Larg (b.1765) (di.1783)
    • Anna Ominas (b.1768)
    • Humphrey Larg (b.1770)
    • Queen Ruvelia (b.1774)