Ivalice in 1800



Ivalice ([1][2][3][4][5][6][7]) is a kingdom in Final Fantasy Tactics, and the central setting of the game. It is a unified kingdom of seven territories, each of which were once independent kingdoms in their own right.


The kingdom of Ivalice is found on a headland at the western tip of its continent. It is unknown what this continent's name is, but its geographical features have been shaped to an extent by an event known as the Cataclysm. The western parts of the land are covered with fertile plains, while the east has a much drier climate. A small headland juts south of the mainland, upon which the former kingdom of Lionel was founded, with the island of Goug to its west. The bay on the southwest side of Ivalice was once land, the site of the ancient Holy Empire of Ydora. A catastrophe sank the entire region, leaving only a small island which is now the site of Mullonde, the Church of Glabados' holy base [1]. Ivalice border others three countries: Romanda to the north, Jylland to the souteastern frontier and Rosaria by the northwastern frontier.


Ivalice is a absolute monarchy, thus being ruled by a monarch with has complete power over the country. The current monarch is the Queen Regent Ruvelia (b,1774) who is rulling on Prince Orinas (b.1800) behalf until he turns 18 years old. Queen Ruvelia also has a daughter, Princess Alina (b. 1805), which father is the brother of late King Omdolia III (b.1765-1802), Prince Cadmus (b,1770), so also having rights to the throne of Ivalice, which would later cause The SIbling's War (1825-1828) between Princess Alina and Prince Orinas.