King Gundan IV (born 1736) was the King of Romanda from 1778 to 1806 when he passed the crown to his eldest son, King Jidan V.

Early LifeEdit

King Gundan was born in 1736 as the eldest son of King Jikan IV and Queen Raura, althrough King Jikan already had a daughter: Princess Shara (born 1732).

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

King Gundan married three times. First with Arya Hairi, a noblewoman from Romanda, in 1758. They had three sons: King Jidan V (born 1760), Prince Jikei (born 1764) and Prince Jihad (born 1766).

King Gundan divorced in 1766, soon after Prince Jihad birth, and in 1767 married Selene Jingai. Their wedding wasn't approved by King Jikan because she was a noblewoman from a lesser noble family, despite it, the Prince married and had 3 children with her: Princess Jade (born 1768), Princess Kiara (born 1770) and Prince Kasim (born 1772). They divorced on 1773.

The King married again in 1773 with Ayra Selther, a heiress to a dukedom of Romanda. Together they had 2 children: Prince Jinray (born 1774) and Princess Krisala (born 1776). They are still married.

  • Queen Arya (b.1740) (m.1758 - 1766)
  1. Jidan V (b.1760)
  2. Prince Jikei (b.1764)
  3. Prince Jihad (b.1766)
  • Queen Selene (b.1744) (m.1767 - 1773)
  1. Princess Jade (b.1768)
  2. Princess Kiara (b.1770)
  3. Prince Kasim (b.1772)
  • Queen Ayra (b.1746) (m.1773)
  1. Prince Jinray (b.1774)
  2. Princess Krisala (b.1776)