King Jidan V== King Jidan V (born 1760) is the current King of Romanda and eldest son of King Gundan IV.

Early LifeEdit

Jidan was born in 1760 to King Gundan IV and Queen Ayda, as their eldest child. The people were ovejoyed by the birth of a prince rather than a princess, beacuse only man could ascend to the throne and people didn't wanted that King Gundan brother suceeded to the throne.

Marriage and FamilyEdit

King Jidan married with Jade Shinten, a noblewoman from Romanda, in 1784 at the Grand Church of Romi at the capital city of Romina. Two years, in 1786, later their first child was born: Prince Jihad. In 1788 another son was born to the couple, Prince Kasim, and in 1792 their daughter, Princess Sonya was born.

  • Queen Jade (b.1764) (m.1784)
  1. Prince Jihad (b.1786)
  2. Prince Kasim (b.1788)
  3. Princess Sonya (b.1792)