Queen Beatrix IEdit

Queen Beatrix I is the current ruler and monarch of he Rosary. She is the first monarch to be chosen by the people after the Royal's War. She is a young but experienced queen, as she had to handle a civil war and low level of popularity about monarchy.

Early LifeEdit

Beatrix Elisa Greenhall was born in 1792, daughter of Theresa Senberg and Arthur Alten, her parents had no connection to any nobility, her mother being a storeowner and her father a bar owner. She had a simple yet good life living with her parents and other 2 sisters, being educated at Gariland Academy.

Military LifeEdit

Beatrix decided to join the Army when she was 18. With her parents agreement she gone to Argyre, the Holy Capital to enter on the Royal Academy of Knights, were she graduated two years later in 1802.

After graduating of the Academy, Beatrix joined in the 4th Squad of Rosay Army. Her captain quickly noticied Beatrix talented and promoted her to Seated Officer in less than a year after Beatrix joining.

In the late 1805, Beatrix (then a Liutenant in the 4th Squad) was chosen to go to Ivalice as a envoy to see how the country, who was always Rosary ally, was after the War of the Lions (1802-1805).

Promotion to General and appointement as QueenEdit

Beatrix was promoted to General in 1810.