Queen RuveliaEdit

Queen Ruvelia or Queen Regent Ruvelia (born 1774) was the ruler from Ivalice, rulling on behalf of her son, Prince Orinas between 1806 until 1818 when the Prince reached the age of 18.

Early HistoryEdit

Ruvelia was born in 1774, by Elizabeth Ominas (born 1745) and Hans Larg (born 1743). She has 4 other siblings: Duke Bestrada Larg (1763-1805), Kyle Larg (1765-1783), Anna Ominas (b.1768) and Humphrey Larg (b.1770). Althrough only one of her sibllings holds a noble title, her sister and younger brother also got high-ranking positons in the Kingdom. With both parents coming from Noble Houses, Ruvelia always had great expectations upon her since birth.

Wedding to King Omdoria and Fifty Years WarEdit

Ruvelia married King Omdoria III in 1794, during the Fifty Years War. The wedding was attended by just two of the others rulers from the neighboring kingdoms: King Gundan IV of Romanda and Queen Leona III of Rosary. This was due to the fact that Ivalice was at war with Ordallia, and Valendia and Ivalice prefered not to attented bcause their presence could be interpreted as a ' friendly relationship' with ivalice by Ordallia, and both of the countries prefered to remain neutral at the war. During the war, Ruvelia helped the king with most of the political decisions, but despite her efforts to stop King Omdolia to sign the peace agrement, the peace was reached on Saggitarius 1st of 1798..


Queen Ruvelia had three children with King Omdoria, Prince Kyle (b.1795), Prince Duran (b.1797) and Prince Orinas (b.1800). Of these, only Prince Orinas survived, as the other two princes are widely believed to had been assasinated. After King Omdolia death and The War of Lions events, she married again with Prince Cadmus, King Omdoria younger brother. From their union Princess Alina was born in 1805. They are still married.

  • King Omdoria III (b.1765 - 1802) (m.1794 - 1802)
    • Prince Kyle (b.1795-1796)
    • Prince Duran (b.1797-1798)
    • Prince Orinas (b.1800)
    • Prince Cadmus (m.1805)
    • Princess Alina (b.1805)